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what is a tortoise behavier like

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May 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

It depends on what kind of Tortoise it is, but my tortoises have a lot of similarities. The love to be in a open space {Yard} to run and investigate their area, they are escape artist's, they run and move around pretty fast for their little size and they love to hide under flowers, bushes and anything low to the ground. They are great diggers and will dig tunnels to hide into..They are known as Tortoise Dozers because how much they love to dig and move things around. Many Tortoises like to hibernate between November thru March. But you have to be knowlegable about how to prepare them for hibernation or you could loose them.

Most Torotise's love Green Lettuce's, Romaine, Spring Mix Etc. When you find your type of Tortoise you can learn more about their best choices. There's volumes of information through your library of the internet as well. Good Luck>

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