Juvenile Greek tortoise ill?

by Shauna

I have 2 Greek tortoise juveniles. The younger (approximately 6 months) has a few odd behaviors that the older one (approximately 9 months) does not. My first inclination is respiratory infection. It does not have signs of runny and/or swollen eyes, nose or ears. But it pulls its head in and out of its shell sometimes in little bursts. Less often, I see it stretch its head all of the way upward and open its mouth wide, particularly after eating. No apparent loss of weight or appetite. Drinks water and sleeps a lot. Are these signs of illness?

Husbandry conditions: 4x3' tortoise table, coconut coir substrate, cool end 65-70 degrees, basking area (UVB, UVA & ceramic lamp) 95-100 degrees. Diet varied but includes dandelion, turnip, radish, & carrot greens, chicory, clover, plantain, petunia, viola, pansy, green/red/romaine lettuce, etc dusted with calcium daily, vitamin 1-2x per month. Wet mash of pellet (grass & hay) 1x per week. Soak 5 min every other day or so. Not hibernated.

Should I seek a Herp vet?

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Apr 28, 2010
Greek Tortoise
by: DeeDee

I own 4 Greek Tortoises also, some Juvenile some close to a year old. My Juvenile Tortoise's do some of the activities you mentioned. They also stretch their necks out, all the way, it seems their stretching and yawning. They bob their heads in and out athough not as quickly as you described. I would go to you nearest pet/reptile store and ask their advice on this problem. If they do not have a solution and this continues so much that you are still worried pls call your herb Vet. It seems you are very well educated on their food and habitat, I appreciate all of the great conditions your Tortoises are living with under you knowledge and love. I have four different type of Tortoises so far and the Greek by far are the most personable and adaptable to living as sweet pets. My Greeks Snuggle up beside me and fall asleep and are always so calm when I hold them. They know me and follow me and eat easily out of my hand. Enjoy your precious gifts and I hope you will find out that they are ok.

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