Sulcata tortoise

by Tyler

I have a sulcata and on the bottom of his shell is blackish near his limbs. I dont know if it is fatal or not. one of my tortoises died from either RI or dehydration, and he had the same thing on the bottom of his shell. I Dont know what to do. I have been looking up stuff all day and it isnt telling me anything. Please help!

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Dec 30, 2010
re: dont worry
by: Tyler

Thank you very much

Dec 30, 2010
dont worry
by: madhoora

hello dear
it seems that your past turtle was also showing the same symptoms. if yes then atke your turtle to a vet immediately, so that he can tell if its an infection or it is due to dehydration. if it is due to dehydration then please shower your turtle daily for 5mins, keep water dish near it for all the time so that it can drink or soak when it feels necessary.
you can also feed your turtle with leefy vegetables as it has good water contents

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