by Adam Fanning
(Dublin Ireland)

my tortoise yoshi,he is a Greek spur thighed,and 11 months old and he seems to grab air when trying to get food but eventually gets it so what will i do? can tortoises have bad eyesight at a young age?


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Mar 20, 2011
by: pepples

Hey, my tortoise does the same thing i just hand feed him but sometimes I don`t have time to so i have a little smooth, raised rock which i put his food on and it seems to help because its abit high. But it still takes him a while to eat.

Jan 10, 2011
eating disorders
by: Robaloie

Well unfortunately, this would be one thing your tortoise will have to cope with. Wether it is bad eye sight, or just your tortoise being a little goofy and slow. (others will be quick to disagree with, but some tortoises aren't very smart.)
Either way, it should not become a serious issue unless he literally stops eating. Maybe try hand feeding him! =u)

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