Red ear slider

by Jessica
(Concord ca)

My boyfriend and I bought a red eared slider about a month ago. We got the tank, the lights, the floating bark, and the sand at the same place we got the RES. We added some floating fake plants as well. The place told us to clean the tank every other week. But because the bark is letting out the color (I guess you would say) we have changed his tank every week. So we changed it yesterday cleaning it all out. We noticed that his shell was dirty as well so we got some cotton ball and qtips and scrubed softly the dirt off. We checked the sides of his shells like advised by the place we got him and they are hard, but his shell on the sides seems to start curling up?. After cleaning we put him back in his tank. We noticed immediatly after putting him in he did not seem happy we put a worm in and he didnt eat for a long time. Normally when theres any food in there he eats it right away. His eyes are always closed now. We can even be right next to the tank tap lightly on the glass and it takes him a little bit before he responds. He now seems to only like to bake or sleep on the bottom. He use to be really active now not so much. We give him about 4 worms and 2 crickets everyday. They are normally gone at least with in the hour. But today he still has about 2 worms uneaten. I am really worried about his unactivity and lots of sleep. Please help. Sorry I wrote so much but I figured the more information you have the more advise you can give. Thanks!

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Apr 22, 2009
He is back
by: Jessica

Thanks for your time in answering my question. But he is back to his old self. I did notice during the time he was out of it, not being himself, that he shed a little on his arms and legs so maybe that is what had him down. Now he is back to eating all his food fast and swimming around. His shell is still curving up just a little its not bad and it is only on the sides. Other than that he is himself and we are happy to see it!

Apr 21, 2009
unhappy red eared slider
by: Shelly

First of all, you did a good job of explaining your situation. More information is always better than less.

Second, good for you for taking such good care of your friend. Paying close attention to a pet is the best way to catch problems early.

I can't guess the cause of the problem you have, but I do think the shell problem needs a vet's input. The vet may also have advice about the habitat.

I hope your red eared slider cheers up.

Keep it slow and steady.

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