Yellow Footed Scale trouble

by Sarah
(Kansas City)

Hi, I have a yellow footed tortoise that has been ill for 6 months. the vet initally thought MBD and we have treated him for that, but the condition didnt improve or get worse. Now the vet thinks it may be a genetic problem. He is around 5 years and has a normal weight.

The symptoms are, dragging his back legs, which has improved recently but he still wont use them normally. He also isnt pooping as much, which I am treating with Fish oil...seems to help. Just recently though, I noticed one of the scales on the bottom of his back left foot has come off. I dont know if this is normal or not, however, the skin underneith looks healthy and it doesnt seem to bother him.
He eats well. Mixed calcium rich vegtables and some sugar free applesauce to help with the constipation issue. I also use a calcium suppliment powder every feeding.
His habitate is very large and has the adequite lighting as specified by my reptiale specialist vet and local reptile pet store owner.
I bath him everyday in lukewarm water and spray the habitate with water to try and up the humidity levels.
Now that it is warm out, I try to get him outside once a day for about an hour so he can graze and get some excersize.
Any thoughts?

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