soft shell

by Caitlin
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

my turtle has a soft shell, Before he was always on the move but now he looks tired and sick, and he hardly moves at all. He doesn't seem to want to eat even though i put lettuce in front of his mouth.

plz help

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Mar 18, 2009
Re: soft shell
by: Anonymous

This sounds like it has been a long term issue. It didn't happen over night, but over a period of years. Things that contribute to a soft shell are lack of sunlight or basking light (which is required), or poor diet w. vitamin defficiency. You need to take your tortoise to the vet and get it diagnosed. Likely it will take a couple/few visits (like mine did, but it is imperative that you go-for tortoise sake.

Feb 14, 2009
Sick Turtle
by: Anonymous

Your turtle is sick. It has to see a vet right away!

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