Query regarding tortoise lighting

Hi,I have a Hermanns Tortoise roughly aged 6 or 7. He/she currently lives in a vivarium with a heat lamp and a uv light. The tank is starting to get too small and i am wondering what to do next?is a table better or do i need to buy a bigger vivarium?will i always need the heat lamp and the uv light,just in the petshop i got told i would only for the first few years while tortoises are young. Is this correct?


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Aug 06, 2009
Tortoise tale and lights
by: Shelly

You can read the page I wrote at

this page.

Keep it slow and steady.

Aug 06, 2009
ans to above.
by: Anonymous

ok thanx. Just I wasnt sure as years go people said they never needed any lights at all. Thought of making an enclosure outide (just for thew summer) but there are foxes round at night and we live pretty near the river and scared incase there could be any rats about at night too. Anyway to stop predators geting in?

Aug 04, 2009
tortoise lights
by: Anonymous

Time for a table.

You will always need the lights. A tortoise's shell needs the light to stay strong.

The other option is to keep your tortoise outside where natural sunlight can do its job. But if the tortoise is inside, it will need both uva and uvb light.

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