Tortoise Bleeding

by Judy
(Mesa, AZ)

Our dog got a hold of our little tortoise yesterday, it is bleeding from the neck and belly area, has a couple of puncture wounds in the belly and part of it's shell was broken by the neck area, what can we do?

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Nov 04, 2010
Turtle injured
by: Anonymous

Pls get your Tortoise to a vet asap and pls keep it away from any dogs...

Nov 01, 2010
Tortoise bleeding
by: Shelly

Your tortoise could be in serious danger. The main problem is what is happening under the shell. The first issues is to clean the wounds thoroughly. You will probably want professional help with that.

Then you will want to guard against infection with antibiotics. Again, a professional will know which medication in which dose and for how long.

It's best to see a reptile vet, but any vet will be better than no vet.

Keep it slow and steady.

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