My desert tortoise won't open his eyes

I have a desert tortoise and we have had him about 3 years now. He went into hibernation about November last year, but before he did he wasn't eating much. It is now summer and he still hasn't opened his eyes. He will eat now and then, but not as much as he use to. He will drink water if I set him in it. Now his shell is getting soft. What is wrong with him? While hibernating he was kept covered at about 80 degrees. WE have uncovered him and using his light during the day and turn it off at night.

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Jun 17, 2011
Sick Pet
by: Shelly

You have a sick animal. The eye problem is probably an infection and could involve a lack of Vitamin A. A vet will give you antibiotics and maybe Vitamin A.

The soft shell means that the tortoise is not getting enough calcium. You do have lamp. That's good. Are you sure it's working correctly? Are you providing calcium in the diet?

The vet may have other questions and suggestions. I would see a vet as soon as possible.

Please post back to let us know what happens.

Keep it slow and steady.

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