Should I get one?

by Masha
(Vancouver B.C Canada)

Hi, I'm only 14 but I really want a turtle or tortoise, my dad said I'm allowed if I care for it. We had 2 red eared sliders when I was younger but we had to give them away. I live in British Columbia west coast Canada. So it doesn't get too warm, or too cold. I prefer tortoises since they don't really need as much water but since it would have to live indoors I'm not sure if that's an option. But a turtle would be great too! I want to be able to take it out of it's tank and be hand held even if it's only a little. For a tortoise I'd be able to build it a cage/house. I have a cat and a big dog but their both friendly and they like playing with each other so it's not a big deal. I'm worried about what's going to happen when in older since they live so long. What if there's a time when I'm unable to care for it.... ?

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