Seems a little slow?

by Selina
(SD, Ca)

We just got our baby leopard tortoise on sunday, and it's now wednesday. She was really active the first day or two, but now she seems like she's moving slow. Could anything be wrong? Maybe it's too hot for her. Or maybe shes thirsty? I read that you should just put them in their shallow water bowl sometimes, just so they are reminded of where the water is, and to drink. I feed her once a day. I'm not sure if I'm suppose to feed more, but I read that they will over eat too if I let them. So I feed her a decent amount in the afternoon and then let her chill the rest of the day. Can someone help me? I just wanna know why she's moving so slow lately.

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Jan 01, 2010
Tortoise moving slowly
by: Shelly

If a tortoise is moving more slowly than usual, ask yourself if there is enough UVB light and if it's warm enough. Without enough warmth, a tortoise can't digest food and will not feel like doing much.

Keep it slow and steady.

Dec 31, 2009
by: Selina

Thank you for your the imput! I'll be sure to make some changes. I knew that I should be bathing her more. I think that might be it because I know they go to the bathroom in the water when they are really little. Again thanks!

Dec 31, 2009
New tortoise owner worries.
by: Anonymous

okay, my baby redfoot did thesame thing and now hes perked up, i'll tell you how.
1 i keep him in the extra large rubbermaid container, in vivariums they will be lethargic.

keep them on coconut fiber, its ingestible. have a water dish in the e have a uvb light and lamp with a basking spot of 90-95 degrees and a cool side with a hide at 8o degrees.

soak the in WARM NOT HOT water every day for 20minutes. and feed them for all they can eat every day. NO MORE THAN A HOUR. NO MORE.

and remember never use a heat rock, or calcisand. also leopards need 50 percent humidity, NO MORE.

also, leopards are very shy torts, let i warm up to you.

have a nice time with your lifetime commitment of a friend!

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