sulcata tortoise and calcium

by Ashleigh Slaughter
(Bay City, Tx.)

ok so i have had a baby sulcata tortoise for 7 monthes. i have been feeding her grasses, hay, and weeds. im a new sulcata owner and i feel like i dont know enough about her. her shell doesnt seem like it is as hard as it needs to be. so i did a little research and figured that she needs more calcium in her diet. i have tryed cuttle bones, a calcium food spray, and now im trying a zoo med food product that has calcium in it. she eats the zoo med stuff, and i know your not suppose to feed them zoo med products but im desperate in trying to get her healthy. but all the other calcium product she wont eat. she isnt as active as she use to be and im not sure what to do. Please help!


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Apr 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

I know this might not help, but try breaking up the cuttle bone in smaller pieces and put different flavors on them like juices from an apple or spread banana across it to make t seem more pleasing. Then slowly reduce the amount of flavor on the cuttlebone.

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