Month old yellow belly turtle died

by rebecca

I brought 2 turtles in january and they are growing fine and always seem to be healthy and happy , eating and swimming around. Two weeks ago i brought another baby turtle and added her into the tank she always on top of the rock basking in the rays and would hardly ever go into the water or eat. I have woken up this morning to find her floating in the water dead, i dont understand why considering i have had the other 2 about 4 months and they are fine. Why would she have died was it something i did or in the tank or was it purely she was ill when brought her ?

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May 12, 2011
So sorry
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry that your turtle died. It was probably ill when you got it. Keep an eye on the other two in case they get sick from being in contact with the new one.

To be safe, I'd stick with the 2 you have and don't get any more turtles, especially not from the same place you got the one that died.

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