red eared sliders in a pond

would it be ok to put new young red eared sliders (3) into a pond that already has two older ones, ages 11 and 7 residing there?

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Aug 17, 2010
small turtles with larger ones in same pool
by: Anonymous

you have to be very carefull adding small turtles with the large ones. when i first did it the small one got its shell a big chunk taken out of it, bought med to put on it and it healed somewhat but ended up dying. now for some odd reason maybe because i have alarge pond i have a couple that are smaller and the bigger leave them alone. but i had to watch for sometime to make sure they didnt pick on them. i still do when feeding as the large can overtake the small for a piece of food. it was very sad to see the little one with a piece out of his shell. so be carefull.they will overtake the little one if necessary. good luck

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