biting of tortise

by manisha

they are apporx 4yrs and its male and its at hme he bits nwdays on leg?what to do for it?i evn have female they do sex,hw to knw wheather she is pregant???n the female does nt move from its place n is more heavy than male???sometimes the female discharges some white thing?wats that???plz do help us.............

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Dec 14, 2010
White discharge
by: Anonymous

The white discharge is urates. It's the same as what birds eliminate. It is normal.

I'm sorry, I can't answer your other questions.

I don't know how you can tell if a tortoise has eggs other than to gently -- very gently -- feel between the top and bottom shells along the side toward the back. If you think your female has eggs, provide a place for her to lay them.

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