Questions about tortoise's

by Brynn
(N.S.W Australia )


I have allot of questions.

I'm 15 and thinking about getting a tortoise. I have 2 turtles (Murray river and Eastern longneck) and 2 lizards (pygmy bearded dragons).

I also have 2 dogs, 4 cats , 6 chickens, 2 birds, a fish and 6 guinea pigs. .I know i'm 15 and i can't legally buy one but if i get all of the information about them then maybe my mum will conceder it.

1. Do they stay small or are they small just because they are babies?
2. Can you get a tortoise in Australia?
3. If you can't get a tortoise in Australia can you import them and how long will it take?
4. Are they a social animal?

Thank you for taking your time to help me with this information.

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