Questions about my Indian Star Tortoise

by Jun Xian
(Perak, Malaysia)

Indian Star Tortoise

Indian Star Tortoise

Hi there.

I bought an Indian star tortoise a week ago.
It seem healthy as it's eating and it's quite active.
The only thing that worries me that it seem to be moving her head up and down constantly when it's not moving.
Is it normal?
And does it requires water? as i didnt give her any as the seller told me it takes all the water from the food.
It only eats long beans, is it a healthy diet for her?
Last question, i put some wood shavings in the tank, will it eat the shavings accidentally, if yes is it harmful?

I appreciate if you can kindly answer those questions:)
Thank you and have a nice day.

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Feb 14, 2014
by: Anonymous

Be sure anything you put in has no pesticides on it. The grass will be OK as long as there is nothing poisonous in it. Wood shavings can be a problem if you use the wrong sort of wood.

Feb 12, 2014
a question
by: Anonymous

is it okay if we put wooden shavings or dry grass in their tray? will the star turtle eat that?

Jan 21, 2011
How old my Swee2
by: Saylee

he is Indian Star Tortoise....

Jan 05, 2011
general advice
by: Anonymous

i have three indian stars and they all bob their heads, a variety of foods is good for your tortoise but keep it to grasses, weeds etc, nothing too `wet` like cucumber or iceburg lettuce, as too much stomach moisture can cause colic. also tortoise cannot digest the sugars found in fruits so i wouldnt suggest feeding berries; also tortoise arnt supposed to eat protein as this can cause too rapid shell growth so no meats, beans ect.
also remember that stars like a warm environment more so than hermanns around 90 degrees in the hot spot to maybe 30 in the shade, also provide a UV tube with a high UVb output to help them absorb calcium - i put nutrobol on their food about twice a week, this helps with shell growth.
i bath my stars at least once a week in shallow warm water and provide a shallow water bowl incase they need it - mine just seem to poo in it - lol

hope this helps

Oct 29, 2010
the head bop
by: cat

I also have a two year old herman called stewie , he does this too. He has done it less and less as he has got older. It is very normal don't panic. They will jump to as if they are dreaming. Its cute. Hope that helps x

Jan 05, 2010
It is normal.
by: Anonymous

I have a two year old herman called stewie. He has always done that and he even does it when he sleeps. It is perfectly normal i asked the vet. When they are young thier breathing is quite fast and they are not very calm. They gradually do that less and less. Hope that helps

Jan 04, 2010
Indian Star Tortoise
by: Shelly

A star tortoise does not need much water, but I would put a shallow dish of water where the tortoise can get it if it wants to.

A good diet will include grasses and leaves, fruits, and berries. Be sure to give a variety of foods.

Keep it slow and steady.

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