My mediteranean spur thighed not waking very often

by Rhia

My tortoise is about 18 months old , I've had her 6 months, in the nice weather I've been letting her out into the garden watching her closely, but since then her habits have changed and she seems to go about 3 days without waking and when she does wake it's not for long and doesn't seem to eat as much as she used to. Is this normal?

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Apr 22, 2009
sleepy spur thigh
by: tootle

my spur thigh - now 10 hates being inside once awake so this year after a very lethargic re awakening and several days totally disinterested in the world we changed things and left him out in the day but brought him under a much hotter (used for my baby spur thigh) basking lamp at night. Instant solution. Now back to his normal trotting around the garden and eating everything in sight.

Apr 18, 2009
sleepy spur-thighed tortoise
by: Anonymous

Good weather in Wales in March and April doesn't strike me as good weather for a Mediterranean tortoise to be out in. Maybe yours is not getting enough sunlight. Do you still offer lots of basking light?

If that's not the problem, do see a vet. When a tortoise changes behavior, you want to rule out medical problems because they can accelerate quickly.

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