Russsian tortoise tries climbing through glass

by Mark
(Halifax, MA)

We have a 2 year Russian Tortoise. We do take her outside periodically weather permitting. When she is inside, she is kept in a 3'X 2' glass tank with plants, water, proper temp., etc. Almost every day she spends hours trying to climb up or through the glass. We have taped paper, various colors, on the outside of 3 sides to reduce the depth of vision so it appears more like a wall. She still attempts, hours, to climb through the glass with the paper on it and its always on the same end of the tank. Is there any recommendations to help prevent her from doing this?

Thank you

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Jan 04, 2011
My Solution
by: Anonymous

We just bought a baby Leopord Tortoise a few weeks ago. Had the same problem. I figured it was probably b/c he could still see his reflection on the walls, even though there was paper on the outside. We put some masking tape on the /inside/ of the tank and he hasn't been happier! No more climbing up the walls and a lot more active, I guess since he's not so worried about who that other tortoise is :-P

Jun 27, 2010
Russian Tortoises
by: Anonymous

I have Russian Tortoises that will do that as well, they need a larger area to explore for exercise. If you have a chance to let them roam while under your watch they will be happier and healthier. Also be sure they have a Hollow Log or a small enclosure to hide in inside their tank. They need that to feel secure. They live under ground or inside enclosures in the wild and they need the same thing in captivity otherwise they feel vulnerable, and scared.

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