Turtle Tail 12/05/10

by Karen Wynn
(Buffalo, NY, USA)

I found my larger water turtle dragging the smaller one along the bottom of the tank. When I looked closer, the tail of the larger one was inside the others anus.

I tried to pull them apart in the water,but the smaller one had it's mouth open and was looking pale.

Next, I placed them on the counter,to disengage them, but each one bit me and I put them back in thier tank.

Within another 2 min or so, the tail came out and a blackish sac type thing prolapsed from the anus of the smaller one that was penetrated.

I touched the sac gently and the turtle retracted it.

What in God's name is going on?

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Dec 07, 2010
more info from vet
by: turtle g'ma 2 B

The incubation period is 63 to 70 days. I need to be aware that she can become egg bound, and that raising a clutch of babies is an expensive and time consuming endeavor.
Once they figure out how to breed, they become very prolofic breeders and I may need to separate them.
She suggested I do a search for good information @ the California Turtle and Tortoise site.

Thanks for your help, now to make some decisions?

Dec 07, 2010
by: Shelly

Thank you, Karen, for coming back to tell us what you learned. Mating was the only thing I could think of, but I wasn't sure from your description.

Of course you may not end up with babies, but if you get the eggs, you'll probably get the babies. Now is a great time to learn all you can about eggs and hatchling care.

All the best!

Keep it slow and steady.

Dec 06, 2010
Franklin is now Fiona
by: Anonymous

Spoke with my vet today. They WERE mating! OMG!
Tomorrow we will discuss care, housing, etc.

Both turtles are happy campers today and presenlty basking under their heat lamp.

Now, what do I do with dozens of baby turtles> YIKES!

Dec 06, 2010
Red eared sliders
by: Karen

Thank you anonomous. After the issue was resolved between the turtles, I looked up mating behavior on every possible site, and nothing was even remotely like my encounter. Possibly one backed into the other? I just don't know. I really think if I had not interfered, I would have been less 1 turtle.( I have had the 1 who had the problem for over 15yrs.)
I will try to call my vet today to see if he can advise me as to where I can find someone who specializes in reptiles.
I really don't want anything to happen to them as they are fun/low maintenance pets. They are very sociable, love people/kids, and even stand up on thier back legs for food. They are quite the "hit" in thier summer habitat out doors for everyone :-)

Dec 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

Do you think possibly they were mating? Talk to your Vet and ask him...Then but a book about the type of the Turtle that you have and learn all about its habits...Good Luck...

Dec 05, 2010
Mysteries of The Wynn's
by: Marcia You Know Who

Hello My Good Friend!
As you probably know already, I haven't the faintest idea of whats going on in my own world-muchless that of the animal kingdom!
But my uneducated guess is that Ralph either looked at the turtles, said something to the turtles, thought about the turtles or dreampt about the turtles! And that my friend is the reason for their behavior!
I would suggest to you that you put Ralph inside of the tank & maybe get some answers! If I can be of any further service-feel free to ask!
Best Regards,

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