Hitting tortoises?

by Jacob
(Portland, Oregon)

My tortoises which I am pretty sure are both of the same gender keep coming up to eachother, hit them by swinging their shelf like a battering ram, then they climb on top of eachother and opens their mouth. It look like they are mating because its all the things that they on the internet. Except there in no *cough* *cough* "conection". Haha. Its been long enough where if they were different genders they would have had eggs by now? Help would be great! Thanks, JB

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Nov 23, 2010
Pretty Sure
by: Jacob

Its a four by four box with plenty of sand, a heater, and a shelter. They are 6 inch tortoises. I think they look the same gender wise and i have looked it up on the computer.
PS: They switch mounting eachother if I didnt already say that.

Nov 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

Do they have enough space to have privacy from each other?

And how sure are you that they are the same sex?

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