Urinary Concerns

by Michal
(Medford OR)

I'm a new owner to a Sulcata Tortoise and he/she is about 4 months old. When he urinates its very brown and though I know they can urinate and release fecal matter at the same time, but I want to make sure this is normal and that he is not developing stones.

I'm still learning about taking care of him and don't want to make any mistakes. A little info on him: His normal diet is just grasses (recommended by the pet store)and for a treat I give him 1-2 dandelions about twice a week which he loves. He is getting Calcium with Vit D and I soak him three times a week for about fifteen minutes. I've tryed surfing the web to get answers but it so confussing. Any help I can get until I find a Vet in my area that specializes is reptiles would be greatly appreciate by myself and Wilbur(my tortoise)!!



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May 09, 2010
Brown Tortoise Urine
by: Shelly

I think the article on this Web page will help you.

Best wishes.

Keep it slow and steady.

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