My Redfoot is stuck

by Tara
(Bellingham, MA)

In the tank I have a log of which my Redfoot Tortoise USED to fit - he seems to have grown overnight and is not stuck under the log (half log). Any suggestions as to how to get him out?!

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Dec 20, 2010
by: Anonymous

If the log is cut in half you should be able to pick up the log and help your tortoise out, he shouldn't be in any glass tank, as his enclosure. It is not good for the Tortoise to be able to see out of his enclosure, they need a hide box as well. If he is so stuck that you can't get him out you will need to call a vet to see what they can do to help. Pls get him a large container possibly a large hard plastic container that contractors use to mix concrete in, found in hardware stores. I have two red foots and they are very happy in mine, I just put a long board about the length as the short width of one end and about 12 inches wide...I then attached a old clean towel cut with slits to cover the open end, so that my torts could walk in and out of this hiding area with ease. You need to have to proper substrate to make sure they get enough humidy/moisture as well. Good Luck!

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