foot care

by kate

my turtle/tortise has cracks across her back foot where it meets the ankle. there is some blood. how do i treat it, what causes it and how do i prevent it?

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Sep 27, 2010
Its happening the same to me.
by: John Smith

I just rescued a little sulcata from a pet shop. they didnt knew hoe to look after her, she had no heat lamp, no proper bedding (pine shavings) and the food was from water turtles.

It was love at first sight... so i paid lots of money for her.

Any ways I come home and see all this little cuts in her legs, head, neck... I took her to the vet and he said it was because of dry skin, low cal and no UV... He gave the little baby a shot of calcium and vitamin A3...

But the cuts are still there... Is there a cream or something that I can apply or something!?

Jonh Smith

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