Desert Tortoise found upside down

by Patti

Came home from the store found our desert tortoise had gotten out of her area, and beleive our dog had gotton to her. she was found upside down hiding in her shell. she has not yet come out of her shell. will she be OK?

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Apr 26, 2015
smacked baby scully
by: Anonymous

My baby sulcata was smacked hard by a feral cat that some how always gets into our yard, I soaked him in some warm water with a little of that reptile calcium drops and he finally came out of his shell rather quickly but prior to that his little eyes looked strained like he was hurt, now he is walking around eating his hay.

Jun 06, 2011
tortoise found upside down
by: Anonymous

Hi. We just had the same incident with our Russian Tortoise and our German Shepard Dog. He was so far back in his shell we could hardly see him. We brought him in, put him in our daughters room(his favorite place) and left him alone for quite a while. We went to check on him, noticed he ate his watercress, but had hidden himself so well that we literally had to pull her room apart. He is now ok, but it took him a long time to come out of his shell. Franklin has a vet appt. today, just in case, maybe get a shot of antibiotics. I hope all works out well for you, and I will be keeping a closer eye on the tortoise/dog relationship.

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