by savannah keron

my turtle might be hibernating i dont know she is awake just not eating what do i do?

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Nov 27, 2009
by: Anonymous

Hi there what kind of tortoise do you have ? my 2 hermans tortoise did the excact same thing untill we got better lighting and heat lamps are you using the correct lighting and heat lamps? if not i would suggest getting some and put the lamp at one end and a bed at the other end that way when they get too hot they can cool down remember when a tortoise is cold it tends to want to sleep and not do anything there body has to be a certain tempature before they can digest food

hope that helps

Nov 23, 2009
hibernating turtle
by: Anonymous

What kind of turtle do you have?

Not all turtles hibernate.

Has the temprature around the turtle changed?

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