lumpy spur thighed tortoise shell

by christina rogers

slighty lumpy shell

slighty lumpy shell

I have a 2 year old baby med greek spurred thighed tortoise, I have noticed the last 6 months that her shell is getting slightly lumpy and not smooth, is this correct, all I give her to eat is all the weeds I have collected from the garden, etc dandelion flowers and leaves rose petals, plantains, honeysuckle flowers clover flowers and leaves, etc NO meat whatsoever or anything I am not supposed to give to her, occasionally she has a slice of cucumber and a little piece of peeled apple, I have kept her awake in the winter, as told not to hibernate until she is about 4 or 5 years old, now in the Winter she still has dandelion leaves and plantains, which I can still collect, watercress, dark green cabbage leaves, brocolli, & rocket, so why is her shell not smooth, please could you tell me, she has no protein at all, only a pinch of nutrobal, on her weeds every other day

thank you,

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Aug 24, 2017
I'm not sure😦
by: Anonymous

Hi there, I also have a spur thighed tortoise aged 2 and he also has a bumpy shell.. so i don't know if this is normal for them or not....

Dec 28, 2008
lumpy tortoise shell
by: Anonymous

From what you say, you are doing the right things, but something on this page might give you some ideas about things you haven't mentioned. I know the page says it's about hibernation, but there is information on the effect of diet on shell formation.

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