how do you make a turtle grow fast than usual?

by gersh

at the pet store, where i bought my turtle.. the seller said something.. she said "it would take years to make it grow" i'm excited to make it a lot more bigger.. can you give me some tips on how..

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Feb 16, 2012
don't make it
by: Anonymous

I think you should just take good care of it and wait patiently until it grows. Feed it the right amount or els it will die of being too full. Give it the time it needs and have a wonderful life with your pet turtle!

May 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

If you want speed, you bought the wrong pet.

If you try to make your turtle grow faster than normal, you could make it very sick. It needs time to develop just like any other animal.

Think about human kids. What if a parent said, I don't want to wait 16-20 years until this kid reaches maturity. How can I make it grow faster? Can you imagine what would happen to that child? The same sort of thing would happen to a turtle that was fed too much, for example, or fed the wrong things just because it would get bigger faster.

Enjoy the animal you have. If you need a bigger one for some reason, find a good home for the one you have, and get one the size you want.

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