which UVB lamp

It is me again,. =) I'm Lei. my first turtle died already but i've now recovered but still it hurts. with my new turtle i will do everything to make him happy. he is master Ugwey. =) okay my question is, a store offered me a UVB lamp the first one is 12% UVB in 15watts while the second one is 12%UVB in 18watts which one should i buy?? please help me.

and one more thing could theUVB lamp on my turtle cause a cancer to me? because my aquarium is really near my study table and bed. please. thank you will all my hearts. thank you VERY MUCH Shelly..

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May 14, 2011
Turtle Lighting Information
by: Shelly

Here is a great page with information about lighting for turtles and tortoises. You will want to see the part right under the photo of the compact UV-B tube with reflector.


You can read the rest of the page if you want to understand more about lighting for your pet.

Keep it slow and steady.

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