my tortoise and her tubby accident

on april 24 2010 i was giving my sulcata tortoise her usual bath (per doctors orders seems she has a problem with pooping and enlarges her bum to a point that it over streches and she cant put it back so a warm bath helps) on this perticular day i was picking her up to get her out and the harness i invented used to take her out broke and she fell back in breaking the tail end of her shell not much but to me it was huge just the tip but big enough to ask for help after crying for about 2 hours i looked at the area and it was broken off abit and has a little cracking under neith she seems her usual self and i observe her on a regular basis i feel i need to go the extra step though today april 25 2010 she is back bathing and eating her chef made mixture of yellow and green squash carrots green beans and asparagus first cooked then chopped in a cuisenart not to mention her fresh picked green apple from the yard every day see what i mean she my world and when she is hurting i want to DIE!!! please help or tell me i am over reacting or just plain nutzzz! also if it is broken will it grow back eventually??? should i clean the shell with betadine - put tape on the area for baceria or WHAT??? thank you so much for listening to me babble......and your help hope to hear from you soon.!

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Apr 26, 2010
Tortoise accident
by: Anonymous

It sounds like your Tortoise is doing fine, but pls contact your local pet shop or Vet. to get more info. to make sure.

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