Turtle In danger

by Stephanie
(Windsor on canada)

I got my turtle somewhere is novem and now it's April I haven't seen it eat. I have two, one is very active and one is very weak. The one that is active is jaden and the one who is weak is Juliette . jaden I think has been eating a little bit because sometimes I see poop on the bottom . Apparently Juliette I have no idea if it has been eating. I never saw it eat. Today I picked it up and the shell was very thin and soft. I have no idea how to even get my turtle to eat. They are very small. The shell felt like it could be riped off real easy. Easier than paper. Her eyes dont open very often, but when they do, only half is clear. Ive heard vets are expensive now a days.PLEASE HELP! (they are red eared sliders one girl one boy babies help asap)

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Apr 09, 2011
Soft Shell
by: Anonymous

The soft shell measn this turtle isn't getting enough calcium. That means either there ins't enough in the diet, or there isn't enough UVB light for it to metabolize the calcium. UVB light is sunlight and "through the window" 'doesn't count. You need a special bulb.

Have you picked up your other turtle? If it has a soft shell, too, you can probably fix things by adding UVB and calcium.

If the other turtle is fine, I'd separate them right away and get the sick one to a vet.

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