Juvenile Murray River Turtle sleeps alot

by Philippa
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi, we have 2 Juvenile Murray River Turtles, one is really acive and does not seems to sleep much the other one is smaller and seems to sleep alot. They both eat but it seems the smaller one has been sleeping alot more recently. What do I need to check to see if this normal behaviour. They have both been sloughing skin and shell.


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Nov 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have two Turtles as well, One medium size Red Slider Turtle and one Yellow Bellied Cooter Turtle that is much smaller. I have noticed that my larger one is much more active and much more curious, but I do think that comes with the difference in their ages. My little one does sleep more often but she is very healthy and eats like a little champ. Unless you see that your turtle shows a sign of being sick, of not eating properly, I think it should be ok. You only other option is going to a Vet. Make sure your Turtle is getting all of the vitamins and minerals need as well as calcium for its shell health. Blessings!

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