Yellow Bellied Slider

by Misty Evans
(Bainbridge, GA USA)

My daughter has a Yellow Bellied Slider just a bit over a year old. It fits in the palm of my hand. What size tank would she need and how do you set up a terr aquarium? Thank you.

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Feb 26, 2010
red eared slider
by: Laura

I own a red eared slider , and he is almost a year old . And it depends on how big u are willing to go . I just bought him a 65 gallon tank , which will be his forever home . He will grow very large and live a happy life most turtle do not get a chance to have . The trick is if u are gonna buy a bigger tank to save money just buy the big one right away . No need to do it step by step . And for my turtle I have lots of bamboo,and rocks in his tank with him it creates a natural look and he loves it ! try and avoid gravel it is bad for turtles as they cam ingest it .

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