1 male 3 females ( 1 blonde and 2 brunettes)

by Charlie
(Spokane, WA)

What time of season do they breed and how long do they carry their eggs before hatching?This guy has it made with his 3 wives.They are all 7 years old and range from 15"-18" with my one female being the largest. I Live in the pacific northwest. They live outside all summer and the warmest part of spring and put in a properly heated and properly lighted outdoor enclosure in the cool evenings and live all winter in that same enclosure. They are growing well and have very very little pyramiding.They basically live in a nicer home set up then i do according to my wife.They are all captive bred and I have had them since they were two and am well acquainted with the breeder who is close to home and raises several types of reptiles successfully, but having another insight or opinion just seems to expand my knowledge for my four amazing friends.

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Mar 01, 2009
suclata breeding
by: Anonymous

Here is a link that might help you...


Mar 01, 2009


Feb 28, 2009
what kind of tortoises do you have?
by: Anonymous

You didn't say which type(s) of tortoises you have. That would make a difference about their reproduction habits and times.

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