my star tortoise is sick....

by Jack Poh

my tortoise is sick.the shell is start soft now...and the tortoise didnt eat alot like last time and it look so weak...please help me...i really scare the tortoise will die...answer me?????

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Jun 26, 2010
Sick pet
by: Shelly

Yes, your pet is ill. If the shell is already soft, you have a serious situation on your hands.

A tortoise needs lots of sunlight to be able to metabolize calcium. Without the calcium, the shell and other bones will decompose. If you cannot provide actual sunlight, you must provide artificial light, but it must provide UVB light. UVA is not enough.

You should also allow your tortoise to soak each day in tepid water. It need only cover the bottom of the top shell, but this will make your tortoise more comfortable.

Be sure you are feeding your tortoise the correct food for health.

Best wishes.

Keep it slow and steady.

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