My turtle just pooped white diahhera.

My desert tortoise just came out of hibernation about a week ago. I just noticed he had white diahhera. I did give him a banana today. Someone told me they liked bananas. So I guess my 1st question is "Are bananas ok to give him? 2nd: Is this white poop something to do with him coming out of hibernation? This is our first hibernation with him. We adopted him last year. Thanks

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Apr 19, 2010
white stools...
by: Tiffany

White stools are completely normal, especially after hibernation. i would only be concerned if they lasted after he's been eating greens for a while. My turtles love strawberries, but only in small doses. they should eat mainly greens like mustard, collard,& alfalfa...... Remember iceburg lettuce has no nutritional value. I hear snap peas are a favorite of most turtles, but mine hate them. Once you have him on a steady diet again he should be producing dark green stool in no time! Enjoy your little guy!!:)

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