Is my tortoise sick?

I have a baby 3 year old hermann tortoise who is usually fit and healthy. He eats a well balanced diet and has both an indoor house with a uv light and heat lamp etc, and an outdoor play area for natural sunlight.

However I have recently brought him in from the cold as we are experiencing some bad weather - but now all he seems to do is just sit and not move at all. He tends to lie with his head out. Im not sure if it is anything to worry about as he is also eating more than usual, lots in fact but he doesnt drink at all.

Ive tried bathing him 3 times a week but he hates water and panics like mad. This is the only time he is moving!

Any advice would be great if possible.


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Sep 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

youre tortoise might be starting to preserve body fat, and getting ready for hibernation, because you brought him in, dont worry this is normal.
by jasper

Sep 07, 2010
Is my tortoise sick?
by: Susan

I found this website for you, I think it will shed some light..... It is Shellshack - The Tortoise Reference Website.... I hope this answers your question.. I think it might...sincerely, Susan.

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