Hippo and Tortoise Pictures
from ME, Super Shelly!

I'm the one who discovered the amazing hippo and tortoise pictures on m'lady's website. It's a charming story about a very old tortoise, and a very young hippo.

hippo and tortoise picture

That's me below, Super Shelly, writing out the story so MaryAnn can have it. I do a lot of her work, but she doesn't tell people. She wants them to think that she is very smart. Well, maybe she is. But I'm smarter. That's why I'm called "Super Shelly".

Every time I get a brilliant inspiration, I settle down at my very own computer, and with my cape flying, I create the most wonderful stories. I even solve a lot of the problems that MaryAnn has with all her websites.

So, with the hippo and tortoise pictures, I have really solidified my creative position at Your SBI Coach. Do come visit.

©2007 Super Shelly
super shelly, an SBI tortoiseI love Super Shelly's cape. She uses it to fly all over helping tortoises and others who need help. That's probably why she got to go to MaryAnn's house.

MaryAnn helps people to build great SBI! Web sites.

I bet Super Shelly helps with that, too.

Keep it slow and steady.

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