My turtle 'Crush' is a Yellow bellied slider.

by Chelle Galloway
(Hartlepool, Cleveland UK)

Sun bathing

Sun bathing


My turtle is named 'Crush' he is a yellow bellied slider and around 4ins width and 7ins long. He is very spoilt turtle, when i got him from someone who wasn't looking after him properly so i took him, he didn't like his tank he used to head butt it and cracked it so i bought him a dog bed and a pool...yes a dog bed haha which he loves, he goes to the door to let me know he wants to go outside in his pool so i have made a ramp and alao a ramp upto his pool. He eats prawns, shrimps, mussels, welks, grape and greens he lives like a king. He wonders around the house and when tired he goes back into his dog bed to sleep. I'm sending you some photos and hope you like Crush. I would like to know hos age of possible please.

My regards
Chelle. 🐢

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Dec 01, 2016
wow ❤❤❤
by: Anonymous

Wow u r amazing what a life he now as well done you for stepping in and giving him a better home aka palace xxx❤

Nov 28, 2015
Welcome Crush
by: Shelly

Crush sounds like he is having a wonderful life.

The only way to tell how old a turtle or tortoise is is to be there when they hatch.

The important thing is that you and Crush get along well with each other.

Keep it slow and steady.

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