Tori the tortoise<3

by Morgan Antonez
(Rochester NY)

Tori is a small russian tortoise, who has quite the attitude. She is a year old or so (not exactly sure...) and is a sassy girl. She really loves romane lettuce and apples. She has a nice big enclosure outside and a cozy pen for the chilly winter months. she does not hibernate, i don't feel i could handle being away from her for so long! She has 2 cousins, who are red ear sliders named Phil and Mrs. Fairfax. I hope to get more tortoises as time goes on. I have been notified as a "professional" at tortoise keeping, so any questions feel free to ask at bellssart

AT I currently know most things about russian tortoises, other species i am able to look up on how to care for or ask someone else!

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Aug 29, 2012
Tori is thinking
by: Shelly

Tori seems very thoughtful in the photo. I wonder what Tori is thinking about.

Aug 28, 2012
tori the tortoise
by: sue

i have a russian tortoise i have had for 4yrs.,he is just like ur tori very stubborn. i let him roam the house and there is one place he insists he wants to be that i don't want him to be. he isn't very big,i don't think he is going to grow anymore. his name is "ET". i have another tortoise that is a redfoot.

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