Looking to adopt a yearling or older

by Jennifer M
(Warren , Michigan )

My son, Ethan with our little guy Herky

My son, Ethan with our little guy Herky

For my son’s 16 birthday ( this past June) I surprised him with a baby Greek hatchling. He has always wanted one ! I had done the research, built a wonderful enclosure and thought I’d found a reputable breeder . Hercules arrived a day after my sons birthday and was seemingly healthy. He was eating well and we absolutely adored him. About 3 weeks later, Herc passed away. We noticed he was walking funny and took him to the vet immediately. One day later , was gone. This has been devastating! The vet said he was most likely “dried-out” by the breeder and made it with us as long as he could ...but just wasn’t strong enough. My son would like to try again as the vet insured him/ us that our care was great and this was just a fluke.

We are both a bit nervous now, but are hoping to possibly find a “well started” or yearling to give a wonderful forever home too. We can’t take a sulcuta as I feel this bread would eventually be too big for us to house. We loved our little Greek but a Hermans or Russian would be wonderful, too. I’m a single mom and I invested in all the best lighting, enclosure etc for months to surprise my son. Now I’m at a loss and am hoping if someone needs to rehome their shell baby... that they might consider us since I cannot afford to purchase one again at this time and feel horrible that this has happened. We are in Michigan but I would certainly cover any shipping costs to get our new friend here.

Thanks again for reading! :)

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