Greatest Turtle In The World

by Anna Marie Carlisle

 Miss Turtley

Miss Turtley

My son found a baby box turtle roaming along the side of the road on one of his journeys. He brought him home and named him Mr. Turtley Turtle and he has gone everywhere with us even to Mcdonalds where he likes to eat French fries. We have even lost him outside because he burrows under the grass. We have hunted for hours until we found him. My son done some research online about our favourite friend and found out mr. turtley turtle was actually miss Turtley turtle. She got so used to us she never went back into her shell.

She knew there was no harm. She even sleeps out of her shell and sometimes she prefers to sleep upside down. We all cried when a dog got ahold of her. I nursed her for three weeks until she was feeling better. She gets around like nothing ever happened. We've had her about a year now, and she sleeps in the bed with one of us every night. she's never been inside a box or in any confined place. She is treated as if she was my child. We all love her, and there are five of us. She's one spoiled turtle. I hope she will be passed down through out generations and treated just as good as we have been to her. WE LOVE YOU MISS. TURTLEY TURTLE!!!!

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Jun 24, 2016
Miss Turtley turtle
by: Bahubali

Hi, my student gifted me a box tortoise he found near vasai creek in mumbai. Since that day bahubali is happily living with us. My husband feed him, play with him and he also sleep with us on bed sometimes. He is very smart. We keep him in tub twice for poop and for eating food. His favourites are banana and small prawns. We also buy turtle food for him. He is growing n he is 1 yr old and 12 cms in size. Very cute and expressive face.

Nov 24, 2015
MIss Turtley Turtle
by: Shelly

Welcome to Totally Tortoise, MIss Turtley Turtle.

How lovely that you have found such a friendly family to live with.

Please tell your humans that salted french fries are not really good for you, even if you do eat them up. I'm sure they don't want to hurt you in any way.

Keep it slow and steady.

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