Meet with Jade and Wah

by Tin
(Yangon, Myanmar)

jade jade

jade jade

Two red eared slider arrived to me as Birthday present. Named after the color of their shell. Jade which is dark green in color and Wah in Myanmar means yellow!!

Wah is an active one always on alert while Jade is sleepy slow one. But funny that Jade is the greedy one who fight for food !!!Even there are more Jade fights for all :D Wah just relax and let Jade win at that time . So cute little ones they are!!!!

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Sep 09, 2016
by: WinZawNain

Finally you become turtle master. Anyway see them to happy. Let's them live worry free. Advice to make their pound looks natural environment. Green water plantation, mud, sand and stone. 😁😁😁

Sep 08, 2016
smart idea!
by: Anonymous

The idea of BD present is wonderful.
It made you happy longer!

Sep 07, 2016
Hello Jade and Wah
by: Shelly

Hello Jade and Wah.

It is very nice to meet you here and to learn about your names and your personalities.

I also enjoyed your photos.

Keep it slow and steady.


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