Shelby the Desert Tortoise

by Sarah Carter

Shelby Now

Shelby Now

Shelby Now Shelby's Costume 2012 Baby Shelby 2010 Crazy Shelby!!! :)

My name is Sarah and I'm 12. I have always wanted a tortoise when i was little and about 3 years ago i got one. She was (and still is) the cutest little critter ever! She also has an alphabetical shell (see in picture)! She's also VERY smart. She can play sports; i put mini jingle-bell balls in her cage and she "plays" that sport! Also, she knows that if she is ever about to fall from somewhere high up (which i hope NEVER happens) she knows to back away from that spot so she doesn't fall! And don't get me started with grass. Shelby LOVES grass! I usually leave her to eat some grass in my backyard and when i pick her up to go back inside, she looks like a little crazy person. If she could speak, she would say "MOMMY, MORE GRASS! I LOVE GRASS!" I also love it when shes dresses up. I bought her a cute little Halloween costume (shown in picture)! And for Christmas last year, Santa made her a little hat (sorry no pic for that one). My aunt has a mini figure of a wolf, right. So i put Shelby in front of it and she thought it was food! Silly little tortoise! I also love to call her nicknames; Shelbydoodle, Sugarpie, Sweetie, Honeybun, Cutiepatootie, Shelby baby, and many more. And i know shes smiling on the inside :) I give Shelby as much care as I would to a human baby. Shelby is my everything and if i lost her, i would lose everything. I love Shelby and Shelby loves me too!

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Mar 24, 2015
by: amanda

Sarah you have created a great costume for your tortoise. She looks so cute in that costume. You are having a loving heart. I said so because god has created a few people like you. God bless you my child.

Dec 09, 2012
to the person who wrote: love the costume
by: Sarah

thanks; funny thing its actually a bandana for dogs. i found the smallest size and it fit her perfectly. got it at Petco.

Oct 30, 2012
Shelby the Desert Tortoise
by: Anonymous

that is so great that you love her so much! Shelby is one lucky tortoise.

Oct 24, 2012
love the costume
by: Anonymous

awesome thats great where did you get the costume

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