Looking for Sulcata Tortoise Free/ Cheap near Athens, GA

Hey there!

My husband and I just moved to a small homestead with our two boys, 9 and 5, and are hoping to find a giant tortoise to live in our yard :) We grow lots of vegetables and plan to have a 'tortoise garden' where we'll grow all kinds of food for the tortoise to forage as he/ she pleases. We live in Jefferson, GA which is ~50 miles east of Atlanta. Please contact us via e-mail if you know of a tortoise in the area needing a home!




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Jan 07, 2017
Responding to tortoise spaying
by: Kelly

Hi, I am happy to share my experience about spaying my tortoise. It happened as a response to my tortoise having a retained egg on her first experience with egg production. I had re homed her in what I thought would be a great home in a local small independent zoo, but she was housed with two males. They mated with her and she also became sick with an upper respiratory infection from being left out too late in the year (Oct. in Georgia), so I requested her back after visiting and seeing she was ill. She was sick with pneumonia. She had only been ther for 7 weeks. It Took giving her shots at home every 3 days for 8-9 months and nebulizer treatments everyday twice a day done with a hose from the machine stuck in a closed bin with her in it for 10 minutes 2x a day to make her well again. Again, about 1 year to totally heal her and about 800$ for that. Anyway, in the process she produced her 1st batch of eggs. She passed all but one. I destroyed all that she passed quickly. One egg stayed within her for about 6 weeks and was threatening to become poisonous to her system. I had to opt for surgical removal. Luckily, I have a great Vet with a Master's in zooology and is a herpatologist. I recommended he spay her too. He made two incisions, one in front of each back leg and he removed all of her (many) ovaries. It worked! So I can rest assured she will never retain an egg again. Funny though, she passed the egg 2 days before the scheduled surgery. Ya really, ha ha!!! I still opted to have her spayed so that it could not happen again and no more heart ache/scare for me, but not cheap! Because anesthesia is very risky for tortoises, it took two surgeries, one for each side. Total cost around 2300$ Including all pre X-rays, blood work, surgeries and post X-rays, visits, etc. I know crazy right! ... but very difficult surgeries. Sometimes the shell has to be cut but he was confident in this method with much less risk and healing time. However, this was 4 years ago and the field of herpatalogy with Vets is becoming more common now that there is an epidemic of tortoises as pets. Neutering is usually a much more simple surgery in mammals and so I would guess with reptiles and hopefully much cheaper! But, I truly don't know and so will ask him for you and share what I learn..Hope this helps! If in Georgia, I know a great Vet! Dr. David Martinez 770-887-3119 in Cumming, Ga.

Jan 06, 2017
spaying tortoise?
by: Anonymous

whoa! kelly, you spayed your tortoise?? ours is a male and around mating season he is a bit difficult to manage. i wonder if having him neutered would be helpful in resolving these issues! i have never heard of or even thought about that possibility. i would be very interested in your experience with that! i.e. procedure, danger, cost, who performed the surgery, etc... thanks and hope you find a good home for your tortoise! i actually have a friend who may be interested so i'll share your comment with her. have a great day!

Dec 30, 2016
Sulcata needs a great home
by: Kelly

Responding to ad on Dec 13th or anyone else looking for a pet Sulcata. I Have 40ish pound Salcata, female tortoise 10 years old that I would considering re homing in the right home. The right person will either have experience or understand their needs and have a child or someone younger to will her too. She has been spayed so no breeders need call. Thanks.
In Cumming, Georgia.


Dec 13, 2016
Looking for African spur thigh tortoise
by: Anonymous

I am looking to for a tortoise to add to our family my son has 5 red ear sliders I have a big yard and nice habitat for a tortoise also and building a tortoise table if you hear anything could you please post here to let me know.

Aug 04, 2015
Thank you.
by: Anonymous

This is an amazing blog which tells about the tortoise facts. Absolutely delightful.

Nov 10, 2014
Sulcata Tortoise
by: Ashley Bosco

I just recently bought a home in Buford Ga with my husband and 6 year old son. We have been wanting a Sulcata to add to our family for a very long time but were waiting to settle in to our new home. We have a 1 acre fenced back yard with a level entry to a finished basement that the turtle could crawl into and have to its own!
I know your post was awhile ago but if you are still looking for a care giver we would love to give it a palace to wonder in and lots of love!


Mar 02, 2013
Looking for Sulcata
by: Terry

Hi -- just seeing your message. Did you find a tortoise for your yard? I am looking for a safe, happy winter home for my 30 lb sulcata tortoise, Harry Houdini. Looking for a family to share Harry. If you haven't found that big tortoise yet, I would like to talk.

my email is revtroia@projecthospitality.org and my cell is 646-523-7274

Apr 21, 2012
Thank you!
by: Jenny Buley

Thanks for re-posting! Fingers crossed :)


Apr 16, 2012
You've gone viral
by: Shelly

Hello, Jenny.

I am on Twitter now @TotallyTortoise. I told the other tweeps about you. Maybe that will help.

Keep it slow and steady.

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