A Tortoise in Western Plains Zoo

Hi, I'm Shelley's cousin.

I live at the Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo Australia. I am a Galapagos Island tortoise.

I am very old and do quite like living here with my friends. There are about 10 of us.

We have many visitors every day from all over the world.

Galapagos tortoise in the Western Plains Zoo at the fence looking for attention

I love having pats and attention so I like to stay by the fence. Lots of people like to touch me and feel my soft skin and hard shell. They are always very excited to see me, which makes my day.

Galapagos tortoise in the Western Plains Zoo tortoise house keeping his feet warm

I have seen a lot of changes over the years in this zoo. My keepers are far more respectful of my needs and privacy than they were 20 years ago. Now I have the choice to be seen and touched or to stay away from the people.

Life is good here.

The sign at the tortoise house at Western Plains Zoo in Australia

I found out about Shelly's site from Sylvia when she came to see me. She has a condo for rent for vacationers on the west coast of Canada so she knows a lot about travel.

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Keep it slow and steady.

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