Announcing the Winner of the
Name This Tortoise Contest!

When Lyn and her family brought me a new tortoise friend, I was over the moon with joy. I was living with only a human for company.

Solo Build It Shelly with her new friend Ticks-Tort show off for the winner of the Name This Tortoise ContestBut we didn't know the tortoise's name. We decided to have a contest to name this tortoise. Here I am with him. (He's the one with the clock on his back.)

Lots of SBIers joined in the fun. Here are the names they suggested and their Web sites.

Choosing a winner in the contest was hard, hard, hard -- harder even than a tortoise's shell! But we did it!

Now I am going to tell you who the winner is. THE WINNER IS

Mohd Yamin whose Web site is called

Ticks-Tort sits on the desk with me and reminds me to use my time wisely.

Keep it slow and steady.

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