Ode to Shelly

by JULIE from florida-flydrives.com

Where to begin in singing the praise
Of the Solo Build It! Tortoise, whose cute winning ways
Inspire whole legions of entrepreneurs
To shun days of sunshine and just stay indoors
Tap-tapping away on their keyboards of flame
O Shelly, dear Shelly, we honour that name.

Solo Build It Shelly listens to her odeShe writes with a passion that's bound to inspire
The weak and the weary; she just doesn't tire.
Calm, slow and steady, she's plugging away,
Showing that the tortoises will win the day.
She demonstrates plainly how keeping on going
Will yield the return of a site that keeps growing.

But then, in return, when it comes to the vote,
The cat gets supporters! - but, please would you note,
That how even though Uncle Ken thinks she's bats
(Just because she goes cavorting with cats),
Both she and her human are loved and adored
She's top of the vote and her readers applaud.

©2007 Julie from florida-flydrives.com
Julie wrote this pretty poem to honor me. She is a poet Laurie Ate. People respect her clever writing. I just love a person who writes kind and true and beeUtiful things about me!

Thank you, Julie.

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Keep it slow and steady.

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