Turtle Island Marathonisi

Click here to see exactly where Turtle Island is. Then click on the satellite box in the top right on the new map to see Turtle Island from space.

Turtle Island Marthanisi Greece from the MediterraneanMy Auntie Lesley went to Greece. From Laganas Bay on the island of Zakynthos, she went to Marathonisi. That's in the Mediterranean Sea. Well, that's what it's called on the map. But if you look at the picture, you can see why it's really called Turtle Island.

The shape is not the only reason it's called Turtle Island. It's also the most important loggerhead turtle nesting site in Greece. The beach where my relatives go to lay their eggs is long and sandy. People have to stay away during the nesting time. That's because people are not always smart about baby turtles.

Auntie Lesley wrote about what she learned and what she saw. You can click on the links here to read what she wrote.

Read about logger head nesting on Turtle Island Marathonisi.
Read about loggerhead turtle rescue efforts on Turtle Island Marathonisi.

Here is another Turtle Island in the Caribbean.

Keep it slow and steady.

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